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Ideas to help with the psychology part of implementing better eating and exercise habits.

Junk Food to Healthy Food: Your Tastes Can Change!

I know this may sound totally crazy, but when you adopt healthier food choices for your lifestyle and diet, it is possible that your tastes can actually change to the point where you prefer healthier food.  Sound ludicrous? I first … Continue reading

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Make Dieting a Game

I know that dieting isn’t fun. Having to stop and think about what you are doing or eating takes extra time, so how do you motivate yourself to get started when you know you need to drop a few pounds? First, … Continue reading

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Getting Back on Track with Your Diet and Fitness, the Scarlett O’Hara way.

I started this blog with the intent of helping others with their weight loss and fitness goals, and of course with a special emphasis on those who work for a living, have family responsibilities who wanted to become fitter and … Continue reading

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Weight Maintenance Tips During the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, I think there is a potential for us all to have a love/hate affair with them. We love them, because of all the wonderful food associated with the holidays, but face it, so many … Continue reading

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Hey Pasta Lovers: Want to Save 500 Calories?

For those of us who have to watch our calories, especially if you watch your calories closely, you probably have given up calorie-dense pasta. I know I have. 1 tiny cup of pasta is 220 calories.  220 calories! And who … Continue reading

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100 Years Old and She Still Exercises!

Whenever I see young children exercising, it makes me feel good because I started being active when I was young also and this has served me well in my adult life. When my generation was growing up, we were naturally … Continue reading

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How to Eat Tortilla Chips without Blowing Calorie Budget

The Crunch and Oral Fixation Satisfaction of Tortilla Chips I admit it, I love the crunch when eating certain foods, and although I love my veggies, the crunch from a piece of celery sometimes just doesn’t get it.  Yes, sometimes, … Continue reading

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