Junk Food to Healthy Food: Your Tastes Can Change!

I know this may sound totally crazy, but when you adopt healthier food choices for your lifestyle and diet, it is possible that your tastes can actually change to the point where you prefer healthier food.  Sound ludicrous?

I first discovered this in high school. Back in the day, there were no healthy choices on the menu whatsoever. The Sloppy Joes that they served were literally swimming in grease. One year I decided to brown bag my lunch and eventually one day, I had forgotten my brown bag.  That day I had to eat the greasy cafeteria food, and I noticed how grotesque the food tasted! This contrast is something I always remembered.

As you may know if you’ve read some of my earlier posts, I have lost around 50 pounds in the past 5 years or so.  Although, I am totally lean now with strong muscle tone, one look at my earlier childhood photos reveals that I was quite meaty and my flesh had a high fat content. I became very calorie-conscious and very aware of what was in my food, and along with a consistent exercise program, over time, I’ve become the healthiest and leanest I have ever been in my life, pretty good for middle age!

Over time, I eventually went Vegan and now I eat at least a 50% raw diet. For those of you who know me, you know I love to cook and entertain especially for the holidays. On my bookshelves are a library of Southern Living Cookbooks of which I have made many scrumptious meals! Although I eat my healthy diet everyday, I still will splurge and cook “evil” dishes for the holidays for my guests.

The interesting thing for me to note is that when I look at recipes, I will see for example a cheese and egg dish and think, “That looks good!”, however I have no desire to eat it.  So many delicious recipes have cheese and dairy and meat, but they no longer tickle my taste buds. This is truly a remarkable feat for me. I still love to read recipes and marvel at the artistry of the presentation of food, but I don’t desire non-vegan fare any longer. When my friends are eating cheese-laced eggs and bacon, I no longer feel like I am missing anything! Now I eat Vegan and raw, not only for my health, but because I actually like it and prefer it!

If you like what you are doing, then common sense would maintain that you would likely to continue. At this point, although I sometimes crave cacao, I can walk down the candy aisle without any temptation. Today, I eat raw vegetables like potato chips. I feel cheated if I don’t get to have my huge salad full of raw veggies and fruit. Because the fruit is sweet and the veggies provide a satisfying crunch, it is both a meal and dessert for me.

All this to say, that as you change to a healthier fare, that over time you may actually like it and prefer it to other alternatives.  Hopefully, this will be an encouragement to your pursuit of healthier diet choices.

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