Diet Temptation: How to Handle “Halloween Candy”

Happy Halloween!  That dreaded time of the year has arrived for those of us who are trying to diet and or not add any extra weight.  It starts with the Halloween candy, which is not only at our houses, but at our offices as well, that seems to linger.  The next thing we know it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day.  Not to mention the ever-present tailgating and football parties.  Because I don’t participate much in football, the end of the year slump begins in my mind with the Halloween candy.  Here is my strategy for dealing with the temptation.

Halloween Candy Isn’t Even Good Candy!

For anyone who is a connoisseur, or who has any standards in regards to their desserts and treats, remembers this one thing: Halloween Candy is not even good candy!  Just because it is expensive, does not make it good quality.  Halloween Candy is mass-produced with the children’s palate in mind.  Come on, Sweet Tarts, Candy Corn, all of it, it is substandard, even the chocolate doesn’t taste all that good.

Low Quality Sweets Don’t Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

I don’t begrudge my sweet tooth and neither should you.  But when you taste a low quality candy, such as Halloween Candy to satisfy it, you aren’t going to be satisfied or satiated.  In order to satisfy your sweet craving, you’ll go for another piece and another piece and your sweet tooth will not be truly happy, meanwhile your stomach and you diet-conscience will feel that nauseating feeling of “Why did I eat that, I didn’t even enjoy it?”

Give in to Your Sweet Cravings, but with Quality not Quantity

I am a believer in giving in to the sweet cravings.  Even when I dieted, I would have my daily sweet treat, so as not to feel deprived.  I chose something that I knew would satisfy my senses and would have a controlled amount of it.  This way, you satisfy your craving, but you aren’t going overboard, this makes you a winner in the diet game!  Personally, I would rather have a taste or one piece of something wonderful than to have a handful of something that is not.  I have gone as far to develop more of a gourmet palate when it comes to desserts in general.*  When I eat my sliver of cake, I want it to be truly magnificent.  There isn’t hardly a grocery store cake anywhere that satiates my sweet tooth.  A sliver of something wonderful is better than an entire piece of something mediocre.  Same thing goes for Halloween Candy.

Substitute the Mediocre Stuff and Replace it with Something Delicious

The best way to remove the temptation of going overboard with the Halloween Candy is to remove it from your reach.  Take it to the office or give it to somebody else or if you have kids and they are eating it, put it out of your sight and replace it with a delicious substitute that you have in a controlled amount.  Some of my past treats were: York Peppermint Patties (2 of the snack size = 100 calories), Lindor Truffles (70 calories apiece) and double chocolate biscotti (smaller size, where 1 piece was 100 calories).  Put your treats where you can see them so that that you know when it comes time to have your dessert, so you will be going for the good stuff and not the Halloween Candy.  And when you are at the office, walk by the bowl of candy on the front desk and indulge in your private stash in your desk drawer, “the good stuff”.  That way, you won’t give in to the temptation of over-indulging.  Remember, one bite of something good will satisfy, where as many bites of something mediocre will not satisfy.

Good Decisions & Preparation Eliminates the Temptation to Overdo Halloween Candy

By choosing ahead of time what you can have and by saving your sweet calories for something that really pleases you, you are less likely to over-indulge and that which you do eat for your sweet craving will satisfy you. In a silly analogy, choosing your sweets is like choosing someone to date or marry, not any person will do, it must be special; and it if is special, it is worthwhile.  Remember, when it comes to making all choices, you deserve the best!

*For more on this, please read my post in November 2010, “Gourmet or Gourmand?”

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12 Responses to Diet Temptation: How to Handle “Halloween Candy”

  1. Koko says:

    Great tips! I know I indulged in a mini Hershey’s bar and a Reese’s cup….should’ve read these tips first! They really aren’t all that great tasting…..

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