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Happy Thanksgiving to My Faithful Readers!

I am thankful for you! This month is my one year blog-versary. Is that a word? I can’t believe it has been a year already since this blog was born. This blog started out as a lark because I like … Continue reading

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100 Years Old and She Still Exercises!

Whenever I see young children exercising, it makes me feel good because I started being active when I was young also and this has served me well in my adult life. When my generation was growing up, we were naturally … Continue reading

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Delicious Vegan Pumpkin Soup

I love autumn and especially all of the wonderful food associated with this time of the year! One of my favorite things on a cold day such as this is pumpkin soup. The only pumpkin soup I have eaten was … Continue reading

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How to Eat Tortilla Chips without Blowing Calorie Budget

The Crunch and Oral Fixation Satisfaction of Tortilla Chips I admit it, I love the crunch when eating certain foods, and although I love my veggies, the crunch from a piece of celery sometimes just doesn’t get it.  Yes, sometimes, … Continue reading

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Diet Temptation: How to Handle “Halloween Candy”

Happy Halloween!  That dreaded time of the year has arrived for those of us who are trying to diet and or not add any extra weight.  It starts with the Halloween candy, which is not only at our houses, but … Continue reading

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