Are You Committing Suicide with Your Fork?

Please forgive the shocking title. I don’t mean to sensationalize and sound like a tabloid blogger, but this is something to think about. Every bite of food that you take is either something that contributes to your health and well-being or it takes you further away from your goal.  This sounds dramatic, I know, but please stay with me.

On my annual visit to my doctor a couple of months ago, who prescribes my hormones and supplements and who treats me holistically, I was describing to him the eating habits of someone that I know. His response was, “They are killing themselves with their fork.” In the past couple of weeks, I have heard this phrase used a couple of times, so hence the inspiration for this post. I do sincerely believe that you can set yourself up for good health or for not so good health by what you eat.

Eat Healthy Always
This should be your goal anyway, not just some of the time. Do you take supplements for your health? If so, are you going to stuff yourself with French fries at lunch?  I hope not, but some people do. The goal is to eat healthy things most of them time with a variance once in a while. Yes we are human and can’t eat like robots. If you are eating 95% good things 95% of the time, a little treat won’t kill you every now and again. If you are eating junk or processed food 95% of the time, then it is time to reevaluate your methodology.

Analyze Your Food Intake
The point is to look at your total package health-wise and begin to analyze the fuel that you are putting into your body each day. What are you feeding your body? Are you feeding it processed foods full of fat and sodium additives or are you feeding it whole foods?  It’s a garbage-in, garbage-out situation. You can look at someone’s body shape and probably get a pretty good idea of what they eat or drink as the case may be and probably guess the state of their health.

This morning at the gym, I observed a fellow who was wearing a muscle shirt. His arms had good muscular tone as did his legs, but he had a belly. Not a huge belly, but it was out of proportion with the rest of him. I could imagine him swilling beer to possibly wash down the red meat that he was more than likely eating. Even if you exercise and drink too much beer, it will show up around your middle.

You Are What You Eat
This is something else I believe, because everyone’s body tells a story. I observe those both younger than me and older than me. Some bodies are very flabby, weak and lethargic looking and some are lean and powerful looking. It underscores the message that whatever you do today is sowing the seeds for tomorrow. Any of you that may be in your 20’s and have stumbled across this blog, this message is for you too. How difficult it can be to be 40-50-60 years old and see that your body is a mess and then try to begin good habits later in life that they should have cultivated while you were younger as it is much harder to overcome a lifetime of inertia. Good health  and good habits begin now!

Eating Healthy & Enjoying Life
I’m not advocating that your “healthy habits” become so sterile that you aren’t enjoying life. The opposite is true. I love to eat and I love life! In fact, look forward to what I get to eat next. The food that I eat is good for me and it tastes good too. Eat healthy foods and believe it or not, your taste buds will change. The overly processed sodium-laced food will no longer be desirable to you. Your healthy food tastes even better when you are paving the way to a healthier tomorrow.

Let the fork be your friend and not an instrument to dig your grave. I encourage you to pay attention to the food you consume so that you can enjoy your life, eat wisely and be healthy!


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