Weight Loss: Are You Taking the Right Approach?

There is an old saying that, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. You can rephrase that a little more graciously to read, “The path to failure is paved with good intentions.” Either way, the meaning is the same. You want to do better, and know that you probably need to, but does your actions and your strategy reflect that? Are you sabotaging your own efforts?

A Perfect Example of the WRONG Approach to Weight Loss

This post was inspired by a woman I saw at the gym earlier this week. Picture this if you will: she was 35-45 in age range and was walking the track at a pace that one uses to browse at the mall while eating candy from the vending machine! I probably don’t have to tell you that she was overweight, although not obese, but was carrying an extra 30-40 pounds.  She had two thin young daughters with her, which tells you that she probably wasn’t born that way, but her uninformed habits resulted into her becoming an overweight woman.

If this is going to be your approach, then why bother to suit up and go to the gym at all? Could this person actually think that she was helping herself in any way? I am recovering from osteo-arthritis and I blew past her several times. She hardly moved enough to burn but a handful of calories. She actually didn’t stay on the track that long, just enough to mosey* (*southern term meaning: not moving very fast) while eating the candy. When she finished the candy, she was gone. Perhaps, she was uninformed to the point of not realizing her self-defeating habits. Maybe she actually thought she was doing the right thing? Do you practice self-defeating habits?

Examples of 3 Self-Defeating Habits to Weight Loss

Putting on your gym clothes, but not really working out?

Solution: seek out a trainer.

Eating “kind of good” on occasion, but still eating huge desserts, drinking soda, and eating fast food with sodium and grease as well as the donuts at the office?

Solution: start a food diary for a week, look up calorie counts and read food labels, you will probably find that you are going way over your daily allotment.Consume excess alcohol, more than the glass of wine at dinner? Alcohol has lots of empty calories with a high sugar content. Worst of all, it destroys our willpower whereby you will reach for extra things to eat. I know, I’ve been there.

Solution: Review your calorie counts and order a glass of water in addition when you go out, so you can alternate sips. Make room in your calorie budget to add a glass of wine or two (but forego dessert at lunch time).

Wishing Won’t Make it So

You can’t just “want” to lose weight and become trimmer and healthier. This means regular trips to the gym (even when you don’t want to) and paying close attention to not only what you are fueling your body with, but also the portion size. You won’t be able to lose weight to speak of if you eat out all the time. If you eat out, it must be for special occasions only and you must be judicious just not to gain. Restaurants and institutions add so much extra fat and sodium to things that would be so much more healthy if you fixed them at home.

Meet Your Goals by Applying Good Habits  

Weight loss and fitness comes from daily direct application of good practices: portion control, quality control and physical fitness. Sorry, but just “wanting” to be thinner while eating Oreos while you walk the track will not get you there. You can’t get there by half-heartedly being “good” some of the time. It takes consistent application. Should be common sense, but it’s not. Don’t procrastinate, re-evaluate your battle plan. Apply the common sense principles and your goals will be met.


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  1. Kathy says:

    Real brain power on dislpay. Thanks for that answer!

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