When Food Suppliers Mess with Your Food

In my efforts to learn more about how to achieve a fitter and healthier life, I am shocked at some of the things I find. I used to think that food was just food. I had no idea that food suppliers and manufacturers alter the food the way that they do! You’ve heard me mention the past couple of days about how sodium is added to foods “for flavor”. I don’t know how you feel, but I don’t like the idea of anybody messing with my food to make it unhealthier!

I have included a link below for a clip that runs for about 5.5 minutes and is worth your time to watch. Granted, this clip is from Australia, but this could be happening in the USA as well. The video is about how meat suppliers use “meat glue” to fuse together meat scraps to sell meat as prime cuts. Deceitful and unhealthy! Please look at this video for your eduation. In this clip you will see a piece of meat being plumped with water and other things to make it juicier! I’ve read about this and blogged about it, but here it is on video right before my own eyes.

The more I learn about things like this, the more at peace I am about going vegan. Whether you want to go vegetarian or all the way to vegan or remain a meat eater is totally up to you, however this clip may change the way you look at meat, fish and poultry from here on out. Knowledge is power!


Here is another link to a blog that gives more information about meat-glue.


Have a Happy Easter!


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