Potassium Follow Up

I certainly was led to finding out more about potassium as noted in my previous post from yesterday. It seems that my antennae are more focused in learning and becoming more aware of the sodium vs. potassium content in the foods I eat.

Last night I was looking through my “Arthritis Today” magazine and it had a short article on potassium. A statement by Alisa Winters, a dietitian with Laureate Medical Group in Atlanta, GA said it best,

“When too much salt enters the bloodstream, cells release water and shrink, causing a loss of potassium, an electrolyte stored in the body’s cells. Too much salt depletes potassium stores and can result in elevated blood pressure.”

Yesterday, I paid particular attention to my potassium intake vs. sodium intake and from the best I could tell it worked out to be close to the recommended ratios of roughly 2-to-1 potassium to sodium, with sodium intake to be less that 2,300 mg as I am over 50. This is a new thing to watch out for and track and sometimes a little difficult since potassium content is not always readily available on the nutrition panel. Because I eat simple foods (raw, steamed or roasted veggies and fresh or fresh-frozen fruits), it wasn’t too difficult. However if your daily diet still includes fast food restaurants, keeping your sodium and potassium levels at the proper levels still could be a challenge.

This article gave 4 foods with high concentration of potassium:

  1. Medium Sweet Potato (5 oz) 694 mg
  2. Tomato Paste (1/4 c) 664 mg
  3. Cooked Beet Greens (1/2 c) 665 mg
  4. Canned white beans (1/2 c) 595 mg
I would examine the labels for canned white beans since canned anything has lots of sodium. It would probably be better to opt for cooking dried white beans. Also tomato anything is high in sodium, but however in the case of the tomato paste, it could balance out with the potassium. Just be vigilant and use common sense.

Hope this information is useful to you. I still urge people to back away from the fat, the grease, the salt and the sauces, as fresh veggies not pulverized by grease, salt and heavy sauces are always the best for you.


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