How Dieting Can Turn into Eating Luxuriously

What can I say, but I love food! My love affair with food has only deepened as my trek to a healthier lifestyle has continued. I love to eat! Not as a gourmand, but as a gourmet. Remember from one of my earlier posts from November 2010 that a gourmand likes to eat quantity, a gourmet likes to eat smaller amounts of the best things.

For the past 2-3 years, I have been continually working on tweaking my diet to find what is most effective and most enjoyable, I have also encouraged you to do the same. This effort has taken me to the best options by eating healthier and leaner options. As I have written before, you must continually refine your eating plan to find what works for you, to find that diet that gets you the result while eating foods that you like to eat. Dear readers, it has been a glorious journey.

Eating the Right Foods has Made My Body What I Want it to Be

Today as I eat each meal, I am so joyful because I am eating things that I truly enjoy eating and I have never been happier with my body composition of lean muscles and a lower body fat content. It is my opinion, that a lean body is sexy because it is strong. A tennis physique is far more desirable than say a football player’s physique or even the physique of the advanced body builders.  I am happy to like my body because it has become what I wanted it to be, not bad for somebody in their mid-50’s.

My eating plan is so refined now that I eat food like I am giving my body supplements or medicine, it is in very precise and deliberate amounts. Portions are paramount! One must stick to the portions because even with healthy food, you can over do calories and either you don’t lose weight or you could even gain. Just because it is healthy, doesn’t mean that you can overeat with your portions and achieve your goals. Hold yourself accountable with your portions by referring to your measuring cups and tablespoons every now and again as it is easy to forget their sizes.

Your Diet Can Become Your Joy

I was inspired to write on this topic when it occurred to me how excited I am with each meal that I eat. This sounds obsessive I know, but the thing to realize here is that your diet can truly become your joy. At this point of my life I am on a miniscule budget so there isn’t a big variety of food and experimentation in my diet.  There are recipes I am clamoring to make, but don’t have the resources to date, but I will eventually. For me as a new vegan, there are terrific things that I can’t wait to try. Vegan eating has evolved way beyond tofu and sprouts.

I have learned what pleases me in the food department. Each meal I eat I am so happy because I know I am treating my body right and that it looks and feels the way I want it to. With the proper food choices, your body truly feels better because it processes and burns the food optimally, and you don’t feel any leftover sludge that you feel when you eat fatty foods. By eating the food that pleases me, I feel like I am living luxuriously even with a restricted budget. Know why? Face it, the restaurants fix food for the masses, for a general prototype of customer, they are not cooking for you. Nobody can cook better for you than you. Yes, even men cook too and are darn good at it! Learn your preferences and make sure you incorporate them into your eating lifestyle.

Your Diet Evolves from a Restriction to a Preference

My big encouragement to you is to stick with your “diets” and turn them into what Suzanne Somers calls “A way of eating”. My diet is not a diet in the means of restriction, it is a diet because it is my preference. It occurred to me that “I’m not on a diet, but this is truly the way I eat now.” Because I have reset my own bar and changed my own parameters, I don’t have that fear of going off my diet, because I know where the new boundaries are. There is much joy in knowing what works.

Each meal makes me feel like a queen because I know I am eating the best! All these months of learning to simplify my menus and looking for the healthiest choices have become a no-brainer now.  It works and makes me feel good. I no longer look at certain foods and feel deprived. Not only am I eating healthy, but I still indulge in small treats in moderation. Hang in there on your journey to healthier food, because one day, your food choices will feel luxurious, and it will make you feel like a King or a Queen, and that feels good even on a budget!


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  1. Janae says:

    Great thinking! That really breaks the mold!

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