Changing Old Habits

It’s Hard to Teach This Old Dog New Tricks

I am finding that old habits are hard to break. They say it takes 21 days to institute a new habit into your life, but I wonder what they say about how it takes to break an old habit? I am having a heck of a time adapting to having fragile knees. Car problems kept me from mid-week exercise this week after an over-strenuous workout at the first of the week. Yesterday, I had what seemed to be the perfect workout, with less time spent on my bicycle simulator to take care of my knees. I got home and felt good, no pain or stress, and a nice energy level.

Forgot My Limitations

But… my wisdom didn’t last for long. Last night I went out to a club, which I haven’t done in ages with some friends and the band was awesome, they were playing music from my high school years. Let me tell you I was up there shaking my groove thing and dancing and having such a fun time with my new slim self, that it totally escaped my awareness that I was pounding my knees. They are feeling it today though! My knees were tired and achy when I made a stop at Costco this morning. They would not be happy if I were on my feet a lot or had to drive a lot today.

This is still new to me. 6 weeks ago, I was jogging and playing tennis. I’m fitter and leaner than I have ever been in my life, yet I have to treat my knees like a very old person. I thought I did well yesterday because I wore comfortable flat shoes when I went out, I moderated my physical activity and had a very sufficient work out; but didn’t consider at the moment that dancing would bang my knees up so bad.

I apologize that my posts have been knee-intensive lately, but it is an obstacle I have to learn to work through. Anybody else go through anything like this? Let me hear your words of wisdom and experience. Meanwhile, the sky is gray here in Atlanta, GA and lots of rain is on the way; so I think I’ll take it easy, or at least try to.





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