Do You Have Fitness Obstacles?

Because our bodies change as we age, they present to us different fitness obstacles.  As seen in my recent posts, you may have read about my desire to become a jogger, but only having to have that goal stifled by knee pain. The pain increased every day over the past month and it was becoming more difficult just to walk the track. Pain drags your body down and I felt like I was carrying armor on my right knee. One night I woke up in the middle of my sleep only to feel pain traveling up and down my leg.

Denial About Body Changes

I am like you, I am young at heart, and still feel like I can do just about anything I want to do. It is hard to accept that our bodies change when we age. I know that they do, it is just that I am in denial. When menopause caused great hormonal changes, I wasn’t happy about that, but after much research and then finding a great doctor who has become my health hero, I worked my way around it. Now here is a new obstacle to deal with knee pain, out of nowhere!

So Does this Mean I’m “Old” Now?

I was fortunate to get an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor this week to have my knee x-rayed. I was already thinking the worst possible scenario: knee surgery. Fortunately, that wasn’t it, phew!  The prognosis? I have arthritis!  Arthritis, are you kidding me?  I thought arthritis just involved little aches and pains as we got older. Wrong! Arthritis can be quite debilitating come to find out.

The doctor explained to me that arthritis is different in different people. A lot of it is genetics. I have not injured my knee in childhood nor had anything happen to it in my adult life. My arthritis is only on my right side, my knee and a twinges on my right hand underneath my thumb. The x-rays showed that my cartilage was worn down in my knee, he said that this was a normal part of aging. I now apply a topical anti-inflammatory that works wonders! Fortunately, I have found a way to “work around” another mid-life malady.

Preventative Measures

When you are younger, you don’t think about joint health. I didn’t! And as I have just barely started to read up on this I see how those high heels can play major havoc with the knees. See, I always thought that high heels were made by the devil! (I’m only kidding, but not much…) Anyway, I’ve been drinking Joint Juice as a precautionary as it contains Condroitin and Glucasomine. I’ve just barely started to research about arthritis and joint health and it looks like I will probably need to double my dose of it. I am also going to try a new product, new to me anyway, Collagen + C I & III. There are lots of good comments about this being helpful.  Doubling my Condroitin/Glucasomine and adding Collagen will be my new approach to working on my joint health.

I asked the doctor about supplements and he said that they seem to do good in some people and others not so much, so they can’t be sold on the idea in order to make it a specific recommendation for all patients. It is more like, “Try it and if it works, great.” So I’m going to try. Depending on how my knee feels, I might be able to do some very light jogging every now and again, I am hopeful, but at least I can walk and the anti-inflammatory keeps the pain at bay. Worse comes to worse, I may have to modify my cardio by possibly substituting spinning or God forbid, swimming. I’m not a water person and it doubles the time at the gym. I don’t want to lose what I have fitness-wise; but at least with the good doctor’s help, I can manage better and work around my fitness obstacles.

Word to the Wise

A foundation of health and fitness is crucial and the sooner you start the better! I urge anyone who reads this to get started now on their new plan to health and fitness, do not delay! Why the urgency you ask? Because with the aches and pains I’ve developed and with the other things that are going on in my life now that keep me busier than ever, I seriously doubt I would start an exercise program now at age 55, not one that would be consistent and do any good. You may be different, but it’s never too early to start.

This week I am particularly thankful to have this foundation of fitness to maintain rather than to try to start building one. Hopefully you will learn from my experiences. Please lay your foundation of fitness and health now, so that you may deal with the obstacles when they arrive. This is more important than you think. Sermon over. Hope you enjoy your weekend and for those of you blessed to be living in the sunny southern US, enjoy the spring weather, go outside! Be healthy, be fit!



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