Delightful & Healthy Treat!

As you have probably read, I was on a forced smoothie/soft food kick for several days due to a crown that I’ve had to have replaced. This caused me to slow dance with the blender for several days making smoothies with protein powder for the foundation of my meals this week. It has been delightful and I plan to continue with a smoothie per day.

Anyhow, this reminded me of a rather obvious treat that I’d forgotten about and you may have too: frozen fruit! It’s a much better calorie bargain than ice cream and darn near just as good. I currently have a 5 pound bag of the biggest and prettiest frozen strawberries that I’ve ever seen from Costco. Tonight I had a couple of the strawberries cut into quarters drizzled with Agave nectar. Yum! In fact, I just peeled a banana, cut it up into small pieces for tomorrow. A frozen banana is delicious and will melt in your mouth. When frozen, they don’t even turn brown. Remove the skin, and cut into chunks for easier handling.

What about frozen pineapple or mango? Grapes would also be excellent and very refreshing too! For the non-vegans, a bit of Reddi-Whip would be wonderful too. I mention Reddi-Whip over Cool Whip because it doesn’t contain partially hydrogenated oils, so be sure check your labels.

Freeze whatever you like, there is no added sugar, just the natural sweetness of the fruit. For budgetary reasons, I recommend buying fruit at the warehouse club, because frozen fruit in a regular grocery store is expensive. It will soon be ice-cream & popsicle weather, so join me and try the healthier alternative to ice cream and enjoy some frozen fruit!


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