Spring Weather Can Motivate Your Workouts

Let Spring Be a Source of Motivation

As I write this, I realize that some parts of the world and some parts of the USA are still being pummeled with snow. Ugh. My condolences, really. Here in the southern USA, we are beginning to get some of that ideal 65 – 70 degree weather. The flowers are beginning to bloom and the high pollen counts are just beginning and the 95-100 degree days won’t be too much further behind.

I’m writing this as an encouragement to seize this window of ideal weather opportunity that lies in between the dreadful bone-chilling cold and scorching summer. Make it a priority to get outside and get some Vitamin D as often as you can while the weather is agreeable! Get out of the house and see the beautiful spring. Take your camera and take some photos of the foliage and the flowers, get out and breathe the fresh air without freezing half to death or roasting in the humidity. Enjoying this terrific time of year needs to be a priority. And if you are one of those allergy sufferers, stock up on your over the counter meds so you will have them, especially if those political fools in Georgia do pass a law that you need a prescription just to buy them. Be prepared and have them on hand.

I encourage you to exercise outside if at all possible. This is the perfect time for those bike rides, jogs in the park or walks around the neighborhood. You may not be able to do it for very long before the heat sets in, so enjoy this optimal weather now. For those of you who are stuck in the office, then you need to make sure you get out of your office everyday on your lunch break just to get out in the pretty weather; it will help your stress level by putting you in a better mood.

This week, I have decided to vary my workout a little and do my cardio outside. I am playing tennis before I go do my weight training rather than walk the track. There isn’t the time for league tennis, but there is a backboard that I hit against and it keeps me moving chasing my errant shots and I get the benefit of moving around outdoors in near perfect weather.

So let the sunshine be your motivator. The nice weather makes you feel good about yourself and it helps you to enjoy moving around more. So go outside before it gets too hot, or for my northern readers, get outside after the snow finally melts and let it give you a kick in the shorts to keep you on track for your fitness program. A body in motion remains in motion, and it’s so much enjoyable in the nice weather.


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