So I’m Not a Jogger After All

I wrote a few days ago that I was desiring to become a light jogger since I had been a long time walker and felt like I had the strength to take the next step. I had started interval training and did jogging sprints during my walk and was actually enjoying it! I still desire to be able to jog because it was so freeing to do so in the beautiful spring-like weather we have had lately in my part of the USA. For the first time in my life, I actually wanted to branch out into jogging and who knows, maybe eventually some running? I was actually beginning to research some fun runs near me.

Although I was gentle and went easy, after a few days, my right knee began to twinge. Not severe pain thank goodness, but my knee was talking to me and complaining about what I was doing to it. Little pains traveled up and down my leg originating around the knee. My knee joint seems to get “tired” and “touchy” whereas it never has done this before. So….. unfortunately, I don’t think I can be a jogger ‘right now’ although I do have hopes for the future.

Until such time where I can afford good health care and good some good medical consultation, then I will be resigned to just walking for the time being. I may also check into a spinning class as this won’t hurt my knee. I would rather have as few props as necessary to exercise and that is why walking/jogging is so appealing. I have to listen to my body and take care of it in the meantime. So, come to find out, I was bragging a little too soon about becoming a jogger, darn! So next time you are at the track and breeze past that blonde with a walker, then smile and wave at me, okay?! You have my complete admiration!


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2 Responses to So I’m Not a Jogger After All

  1. I am 58 and thought a couple of years ago that I could be a light jogger as well. I lost lots of weight and my cholesterol took a nose-dive but, boy, my knees were killing me!!! Now I do Zumba and Boot Camp–again to get my cholesterol down. I love them both and have never been stronger. I enjoy the loose clothing (especially around the waistline), and my arms are getting toned. I plan on visiting again to read and to share!!

    • So glad to have you with us! I do enjoy getting feedback from others so that we may all walk through a fit and healthy road together. I am very happy that Zumba is working out for you and that your cholesterol is at a better level. It is so rewarding to see the benefits of our consistent efforts. I believe that if we keep working consistently, we will get there. My cholesterol levels have been very good, I think mainly because I really evaluate everything I eat. That has also helped me obtain the “lean” look that I wanted for my body. I am 55 and am mostly a walker. About 6 weeks ago, I felt the strength to pick up the pace and jog some and for once in my life, I was loving it! Then a month ago, I developed knee trouble. I developed osteoarthritis in my right knee. A week after I went to the doctor, it happened in my left knee, drat! Now, walking is questionable on some days, and I really have to watch it. Yesterday I rode a bicycle simulator that is helpful. Again, thank you for posting, and I look forward to your input so that we can encourage one another!

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