Valentine Love

I am almost a little late posting for Valentine’s Day, especially with people already celebrating Valentine’s already throughout this past weekend. The weather has turned from dismal to delightful in Atlanta, GA, USA with the temperature being close to 70 degrees. Spring fever has hit and here is hoping that many lovers are dining al fresca tonight acknowledging their love in such beautiful weather!

While ‘at the moment’, I do not have a Valentine, I am considering love for animals as the sweet beings that they are and how they are often unappreciated by the 2-legged species. Most people I imagine, do not hate animals, although they may not be animal lovers: cat, dog and bird owners. Many of us do love animals however, we have animal companions, pets that have become family members. They are sweet family members also, and our 4-legged family members are often more loving and understanding than the ones that share our own last name.

Today I got my “Vegetarian Starter Kit” in the mail that I requested from PETA. You can go on their website and request one in the mail or download a PDF version. I did both, because I have it stored in my computer files, but I like to hold the actual paper in my hand as well. It was a rude awakening for me! Honestly, I’ve never thought too much about this subject, I assumed that animals that are used for food consumption are treated humanely but most often they are not! This magazine told not only about cows, but fish, chickens, turkeys and pigs as they go to slaughter, and how many times they go while they are still alive. Even the processes for laying eggs is brutal. For me, this information has all but eliminated the temptation of those delectable dishes that come from breathing flesh.

So what does this have to do about being fit and fabulous? Lots! The lower cholesterol and cancer rates, the leaner bodies, the weight loss, that’s what it has to do with being healthier! There are many health benefits from going Vegan. Without sounding like a tree-hugger, “not there is anything wrong with that”, going Vegan or vegetarian does many wonderful things for the environment too. While I don’t intend to push the subject, Vegan is a part of my life now and I’m sure there will be references made to the lifestyle every now and again.

It is all worth considering and I hope that you will be interested in taking a look at it. Considering doing “Meatless Mondays” and learn how to prepare meat substitutes. Check it out bit by bit, it may be a lifestyle change that you want to make as you learn more about it. And if you decide to go in that direction, don’t worry, there is much more than just tofu and sprouts to eat. It will be good for you I promise, and not only that, our animal friends will love you for it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to You!


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