Super Bowl Weekend: 3 Ways Not to Over Eat

It is Super Bowl weekend. So who are you cheering for? The Packers, the Steelers? Or are you like me and are cheering for the commercials? As the Super Weekend approaches, it is good to be mindful of your plan to avoid eating super quantities. The keys to not overdoing it this weekend is have your own game plan ahead of time.

  1. Reaffirm your goal to yourself: Decide beforehand which is more important: sticking to your fitness plan or letting it all hang out and being sociable at the snack table with the other guests? You can enjoy their company without having to match them one for one at the food table. You will be in the midst of temptation, so decide before you leave the house that you will stick to your goals.
  2. Eat Before You Go to the Super Bowl Party: Going with a full stomach from a meal/heavy snack with the proper combination of protein, carbs and fat and stabilized blood sugar will remove the temptation to jump right in at the table and graze all night trying to become satiated. Munching doesn’t satisfy. Even if you choose to pick up some of the raw veggies just to have something to do with your hands, then you are still safe, no harm no foul. And if you choose to have a small treat while you are there, then chances are you can do that without going too far overboard and you won’t hate yourself in the morning. Be prepared before you walk in the door.
  3. Alcohol – Just Say No: This may seem like a bad thing, but you really don’t need it if you are truly enjoying socializing with your friends and the game itself. The DUI laws are tougher, and you are already going to be up late enough on Sunday night as it is. Monday morning will come even quicker this weekend. Alcohol is “liquid calories” that don’t seem like they hurt, but they count too! Don’t forget that. And possibly the worst yet: Alcohol lowers our inhibitions, it breaks down the strongest willpower so that we don’t mind eating too much. A little buzz could encourage you to keep nibbling and over do it. I know I’ve been there!

It doesn’t matter which team wins the Super Bowl, the one that needs to win is You! You can be a winner at the Super Bowl parties this weekend, if you have your game plan ahead of time and are prepared. Who am I cheering for this weekend? I’m cheering for you! Enjoy the game.



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