Getting Your New Year’s Resolutions Back on Track

The first month of the year is heading towards a close.  How are those New Year’s Resolutions holding up?  Have you started off as you intended? If so, great!  Keep up the good work as you are on the path to a healthier and fitter you!  What about the rest of you?  There have been lots of travel and weather-related disruptions all over the USA this month.  Just getting to and from work in the blizzards throughout the country have been stressful. Nothing has been running very normal so far this month, so how is that affecting your progress?

It is understandable if these irregular situations has impeded your good intentions. When trying to begin new habits and do new things, it works best when everything in our lives isn’t in a state of flux. You have to work on one change at a time.  For example, you can’t start a new job, begin a new diet and throw a dinner party on the same day!  Does that sound ludicrous?  Of course it does, and I know.  I tried to do this once in my early 20’s.  That is way too many variables to handle at one time.  Think about a juggler, they start out juggling 2 things, wait until it is stable, then juggle 3, then add a 4th and so on. You can’t have it all thrown at you at once without a fumble here or there.  If your New Year’s resolutions got off on the wrong foot, not to worry.  Don’t beat yourself up over that.  Pick yourself up and begin again.

What is it that you feel is easiest to start with?  Exercising? Then, gather your to-do list and then plan to start next week. If you can, start over the weekend!  Just a walk or a short jog, just get in motion! Begin now if you weren’t able to already.  What about your diet?  Have you given any consideration to revising your habits in any way?  Are you going to start brown-bagging to stay out of expensive and noisy restaurants to avoid their oversized portions?

Pick one thing that you are going to do. If you’ve exercised only once or twice this year, then resolve to do it twice next week, with three times a week as your goal. Spend some time over the weekend thinking about smaller portion and lower calorie options you can have for lunch.  And if you aren’t eating breakfast, then get busy!  This should be high on your list. You need to eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism for the day.  Put a water bottle on your desk, and keep drinking!

Rome wasn’t built or rebuilt in a day, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. If you didn’t begin as you wanted to, that’s okay, shake it off and start today anew.  We are cheering for you!


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