Humorous Editorial Rant: Casseroles

I am from Atlanta, GA, USA, right in the middle of the southeastern United States and here in the south, many people like to make what they call a “casserole”.  A casserole is from a French word meaning “cooked in one pot”.  Most casseroles are made up of vegetables, but so many other ingredients are added to the dish that the vegetables are hardly recognizable and no longer qualify as healthy.  They can be tasty yes, but very fattening.  I personally prefer to taste a vegetable and have it seasoned by delicate herbs and spices and not drenched in Cream of Mushroom soup.  As a gourmet, casseroles are the bane of my culinary existence! Casseroles, to me represent food for the gourmand, “yes, let’s eat and eat lots of it.”  Casseroles are usually found at large family gatherings and church socials because it is a good way to serve the masses. To me, if a casserole is made for a family of four, it means that the preparer either isn’t interested in good food or they plain just can’t cook!

In honor of my birthday, my post today will be a little humorous editorial about casseroles.

I like my food identifiable, with a casserole; you never know what’s in there.  I need to know what it is that I’m eating.  You could be eating grass and twigs covered with cheese and bread crumbles, you don’t know.  People could clean out their refrigerator and freezer, put it in a dish, cover it with cream of mushroom soup and fried onions, heck you would never know it.  Not until that first bite anyway, “Man, this tastes like liver!”  On my street, one kid said, “Dinner was a casserole.”  His brother piped up and said, “Yeah, Mom cleaned out the freezer again.”  Literally, casseroles are the junkyards of the culinary world!  People cover up their culinary sins in a casserole.  Burnt offering?  No problem!  A woman could clean out her freezer and take it to a church social, no one would be the wiser, in fact people would ask for the recipe!

You could hide anything in a casserole, a knife, a gun, a dead body…  has anybody seen Howard Hughes lately?  Who did he last have dinner with?  I think the Sopranos probably had casseroles a lot.  No wonder their lasagna had a special taste.  Those of you who’ve read the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis will know that Eve tempted Adam with a forbidden apple and he ate it.  Do you think he would have been tempted if Eve offered him a casserole?  He would have said, “No way, I don’t know what is in there, I’m not eating that crap!”

Personally, I like food that I can easily identify… like chocolate!  And you don’t need cream of mushroom soup to make it taste good.  I’m just saying…

Have a good weekend all!


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2 Responses to Humorous Editorial Rant: Casseroles

  1. Marianne says:

    Veronica, the casserole cook books always have such yummy looking photos! I definitely know they can be loaded with fat and that is not good, but sometimes it can be a great comfort food for me. In fact, I got a craving just reading about it.

    • There are many goodies in casseroles, but if you look up a recipe for your favorite and look up the calories for the individual items, add them all together and then divide by the servings, it might cause you to want to slow down a little. I’m pulling this number completely out of the air, but would you want to eat 1/2 cup of something that was say 200 calories? If you are on 1,200 calories per day, 1/2 cup is hardly two bites. When you are working out your calorie budget, you have to decide what is worth it to eat. Everybody has things they prefer to eat, so if you work around that, you can still not blow it. They are calorie-laden in general, so knowledge is power when making your choices.

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