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Blue Print for a Healthier and Fitter Lifestyle

When embarking on a healthier and fitter lifestyle, one must consider one’s life holistically as what we are now and what we are to become is the sum of all of our actions.  One is less likely to achieve the … Continue reading

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A Personal Victory for Joy!

Hello Healthy Friends, Just a note to let you know that I went for my weekly weigh-in and I was delighted to find that I did not gain any weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas! Last year I gained 2 pounds … Continue reading

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How to Make Those New Year’s Resolutions Work This Time

Same Old (Auld) Lang Syne New Year’s Resolutions are the topic of newspapers, magazines, even radio and television as expected this time of year, and although I’ve reached my goals, some of these articles and stories make me cringe!  They … Continue reading

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Fine-Tuning Your Eating Plan

This past year has been a year of fine-tuning my eating patterns to ensure proper nutrition, sensory satisfaction of the food I eat as well as weight loss.  While I am not officially trying to lose weight anymore, I am … Continue reading

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Low Cal Dinner: Roasted Veggies!

I truly love the taste of veggies that have been roasted in the oven as roasting truly enhances the taste of the veggies.  Of course veggies on the grill would be spectacular as well, but yours truly doesn’t have that … Continue reading

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Get Moving & Stay Moving

Weight loss/maintenance and exercise go hand in hand.  You can’t have one without the other.  I often see people at the gym who are very toned, but who are also chunky.  They have the exercise part down, but aren’t cutting … Continue reading

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Christmas Review

Christmas proper is behind us, with only the remnants remaining.  I don’t know about you, but I’m breathing at a normal rate and am enjoying the rest of Christmas vacation.  Just like you, I got busy with my preparations and … Continue reading

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